Structured Water – How to Get It

Structured Water – How to Get It

There is much talk lately about structured water and its health benefits for the human body (which is made up of approximately 70% water). Natural water sources, such as springs, rivers, and even wells produce this form of water; a wet water that is easily absorbed and usable by the body’s cells.

Structured water has a highly organized arrangement of its molecules, which makes it easier for the body to absorb. But with today’s water plant processing, chemical treatment, and movement of the water (going through 90 degree pipes with no spiral movement), the water that we are getting from our tap is disrupted. So how do we get structured water?

The science behind structured water is fascinating and for anyone who would like to delve deeper, I highly recommend the book, Dancing With Water by MJ Pangman, any of the presentations given by Dr. Pollack, and/or the documentary on the memory of water starring Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier. These resources are a great start in becoming well-versed in the science and wonder behind structured water.

For the sake of brevity, I will assume that anyone reading this article has a general idea and interest in structured water and simply wants to begin using it. If not, please refer to the resources above. Here, I will be listing ways in which one can get structured water into their own hands and hopefully into and onto their bodies.

Natural Mountain Spring: Since it is through nature that water naturally becomes structured, the first place to look would be mountain spring water. I am not referring to water sold in plastic bottles as mountain spring water, but actually that which flows from a mountain. We recently stayed in the mountains near Asheville, NC and here you can find the most beautiful, clear and plentiful springs pouring from the mountains. In fact, this is where our water was sourced. Unfortunately, we don’t all live in the mountains with access to this pure and clean natural water source.

Ice Water: Ice is structured water; melted ice retains structure. A friend of mine places a large glass pitcher of water on her counter every morning filled with ice. This becomes her drinking water as it melts.

Fruit: The water in fruit is structured water, so by juicing you will be ingesting not only the health benefits that the fruit itself imparts, but you will also be getting structured water into your system. This is fine for getting it into your system, but for those who want to use it on their bodies as well, another option will be necessary.

Prill Beads: I discovered this option from reading Andreas Moritz’s book on Liver and Gallbladder cleansing. If he recommends them, enough said. He was a true hero in the alternative health community and is terribly missed! An article written by Dr. James Howenstine M.D. can shed some light on exactly what these beads are doing when added to water.

DIY Structured Water Device: You can design your own structured water device, which should work just as well as a device that is purchased. Youtube is replete with DIY videos on how to accomplish this. However, you may need to tweak the design and become your own engineer if you plan to construct a unit that will serve the entire water system on your house or even your shower. Most of the DIY projects seem to be for a single manual unit, so they can only be used for drinking water.

Structured Water Devices: For those with funds to purchase a structured water device, there are plenty on the market, with Natural Action being one of the most popular. I would also mention the Grander system, though I am not certain it is actually advertised as a structured water system. But, if the technology behind the system stands, then the end result is definitely structured water. I encourage you to do further research of your own to understand this water device system. What’s nice about the Grander system is that there are plenty of videos via youtube where people have actually tested and documented the results.

Please let us know if you have incorporated drinking only structured water into your life and any benefits that you have encountered.

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