About Us

Ziemia (Zee mee uh), means “earth” in the Polish language and represents the abundance offered to us by nature itself. It is in the honoring of nature’s own wisdom that we offer our creation of clean and natural products to you.


Ziemia’s vision grew from the desire to create products for our own family and friends that were both clean to use as well as healing. The demand grew so rapidly that we extended our offering to others and our business was born. We wholeheartedly believe that consumers deserve simple, organic, clean, and healthy options to use for the betterment of their health and well-being.

As a practice, our products are focused on the inclusion of natural healing ingredients, such as arnica, calendula, and lavender. We personally use and stand behind every one of our products and continue to improve and expand the line to include healing salves, lotions, bug repellent sprays, bath salts, body butters and more!

Thank You!

We are very excited to share our organic artisan-crafted products with you and appreciate your interest in supporting family-owned businesses, such as Ziemia.

Ziemia is dedicated to creating products that support a healthier and cleaner lifestyle. You will find that we offer a variety of products, and we will gladly speak with you to discuss their properties so that you can better choose those that will serve your needs.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to building a lifelong relationship with you!